Here you go 8 good reasons to avoid washing in a washing machine:


1- Mold: The shoes that are washed in the washing machine absorb a lot of water and often do not dry completely. Remaining wet, with body heat, they become a call for mold. This causes bad smell, as well as increasing the possibility of occurrence of fungus on the feet.


2- Deformation: every type of shoe contains inside small cardboard parts and other materials that get in contact with water and get deformed.


3- Stains: The glue between the sole and the upper and between the other parts of the shoe, when wet, tends to come out and turn yellow. This, besides staining the shoe, could also cause a drop of adhesion.


4- Crepe: With the washing in the washing machine, the leather parts tend to dry out, causing cracks in the points where the shoe bends.


5- Hygiene: The shoes are very dirty. Germs, bacteria and viruses in the washing are deposited in the drum and can cause potential allergies and infections.
In order to eliminate them it is necessary to vacuum clean at high temperatures, with considerable expenditure of energy and economic resources.


6- Rust: Metal parts, such as eyelets for laces, may become rusty in contact with water.


7- Loss of color: Wash in the washing machine, colored sneakers can fade.


8- Damage to shoes and washing machine: in the washing machine, the shoes, in addition to the possible damage listed above, hit the basket, ruining and ruining it.


Why do you continue to risk using the washing machine when there are plenty of dry cleaning products that are easy to use, safe and non-toxic?


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