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VAT NR. 00985500446 – Company registration number (REA): AP nr. 105093



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The access to the domains and/or and the related subdomains – form now onwards the Site in general – and any other use of the information the site contains is submitted to conditions and terms of use (from now on the Conditions) aimed to guarantee the best use of the Site, in accordance with everybody’s rights and copyrights. The access, consultation and use of one or more web pages from the site involve the complete and unconditioned acceptance of the present conditions by the user. IMAC spa (from now onwards referred to as IMAC) is entitled to change, at its own discretion and at any time, these site conditions of use. The use of the successive site, further to changes, involves the acceptance of the changed version and compulsory of the conditions of use.



Generally speaking, this site and all the materials here enclosed (any text, logo, brand, image, entertainment etc…) area protected by the copyright legislation and other applicable laws concerning brand and intellectual property.
The above mentioned materials belong to IMAC or its subsidiary or connected companies (if not shown differently). It means that their use is authorized by Licensors. These materials, for example, include photos, images, pictures, texts, video clips, sound recordings, drawings, logotypes, commercial trademarks or any other material enclosed in the site and also the software used to project and realize the same site. All rights are reserved throughout the world.
The trademark name PRIMIGI and all the other distinctive signs connected to PRIMIGI, whether registered or not, are IMAC commercial or service trademarks.
The materials enclosed in the site are shown for informative or promotional purposes. The use of the site is allowed for personal and not commercial purposes only. It’s also allowed to download or copy the materials in the site for personal and not commercial use only; anyway no right, licence, property or interest on the downloaded and/or copied materials are transferred to the user through the site. It’s also not admitted to reproduce (for purposes other than personal and non commercial uses), publish, transfer, distribute, display, remove, cancel, add or, in any other way, change, partially or completely, the site and/or the materials here enclosed and/or the corresponding software, as well as create works inspired by them in some ways, sell them or take part into their selling. It’s severely forbidden any other use of the materials enclosed in the site, including the reproduction for different uses other than personal purposes within IMAC prior written approval.



The user acknowledges that eventual contributions, proposals, concepts, pictures or any other content (except from personal details) communicated or transferred to IMAC through this site or by other means (from now onwards referred to as “delivered materials”) don’t represent reserved materials and are not the user’s exclusive property, but become and stand as IMAC exclusive property.  These eventual communication and material deliveries by the user involves the transfer of any right, title or interest to IMAC, included the ones originating from the copyright, for the delivered materials. IMAC is not entitled for the future to: i) keep the eventual delivered materials confidential; to pay money for the use of the delivered materials or in connection to it; iii) to reply to the material deliveries and/or confirm their receiving. The user declares and guarantees the materials delivered doesn’t infringe in any case eventual third party rights, included but not limited to, for example, rights concerning copyrights, commercial trademarks, patents, industrial secrets and other property rights. By sending the materials, the user acknowledges the right, but not the IMAC obligation, to copy, publish, distribute or use the said delivered materials, or part of it, for any goals whatsoever, included, for example, advertisement, promotional, product development  purposes or other commercial goals, without conferring to the user or third parties the right to be rewarded.



The present site could contain links to other web sites. IMAC can neither be hold responsible for third parties site connection, nor for the contents and/or materials got through these sites. The eventual hypertextual links to other sites and/or the references to information, products and services of third parties, even though connected to the site, doesn’t represent nor could be interpreted as an approval of the same by IMAC. Eventual questions or comments to these sites should be addressed to the respective operators and/or the owner of the sites only.



The products detailed in the present site belong to PRIMIGI. However, this site cannot enclose the whole PRIMIGI products, nor will all the products, shown in the site, be necessary available in all the shops displaying PRIMIGI brands.
IMAC is entitled to change, without prior notice, the look, design, styles and colours of the PRIMIGI products shown in the present site.



IMAC doesn’t either allow any proof of facts through its site, or provide guarantees for the contents of the present site; in particular, no guarantee is provided for the absence of potentially dangerous programs (such as virus, worms, trojan etc…) or the validity of site contents for specific purposes and commercial uses. IMAC neither declares nor guarantees that the information enclosed in the site are accurate, complete or updated, that the site doesn’t contain any imperfection and that the eventual imperfections will be corrected. By using the site, the user accepts to take in charge all the risks related to this use and acknowledges that, in no case, IMAC will be hold responsible for any eventual missing use, detail and cost losses related to the necessary support activities and fixing of its own devices in connection with the site.



The materials in the site could contain errors, imperfections or misprints. IMAC will not be held responsible either for eventual imperfections and/or errors or losses and damages depending on or caused by the transferring to the user of any information issued from the present site. It’s a precise user’s task and responsibility to check the rightness and accuracy of the information available on this site. IMAC is entitled to change, in any moment, and without prior notice, the present site and its contents.

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