PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4 collection with MICHELIN ® soles

Primigi is presenting the incredible cooperation with the biggest tires world manufacturer: Michelin.

Thanks to the new model PMG #Black Lab, Primigi is presenting the incredible cooperation with the biggest tires world manufacturer: Michelin.


In 2014 Michelin launched the project “Soles by MICHELIN”, whose aim was to transfer the tires’ know-how to shoes, in order to create soles with high performances. In 2019 it started cooperating with Primigi.


The outcome of this cooperation is a new model called PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4: the Michelin sole, exclusively designed for Primigi, is combined with a very bold design in line with the shoe tread, creating the perfect match between appearance and technical performance.


Thanks to this particular sole, the new PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4 model offers many important advantages to this type of children shoes: the tire’s features applied to the sole allows the greatest grip, even on slippery surfaces. The wide central and multidirectional grooves enhance both flexibility and grip, no matter the circumstances.


The styles are reinforced on both sides, to optimize balance, and on the tip, to improve the wear-resistance. Finally, the arch of the foot is structured to give maximum comfort and safety on irregular grounds.

Therefore, the Primigi PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4 shoes guarantee:
  • Perfect grip
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Traction on the ground
  • Protection from small impacts and ground irregularity
  • Maximum comfort

The shoe treads of these soles are inspired by the most famous Michelin tires:

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