Acting well today to live better tomorrow

Primigi presents its sustainable shoes collection

Primigi for Change collection walks along with children from the first steps to adolescence; unique in style, design, attention to details and comfort. Primigi footwear is today even more sustainable thanks to the specific use of recycled materials with low environmental impact and cutting-edge production technologies.


“Acting well today to live better tomorrow” this is in brief Primigi for Change, the program that includes all the choices and activities of IMAC group– to which Primigi belongs - in terms of sustainability and attention to the environment. A real irreversible cultural process meant to become more and more an integral part of the corporate DNA.

All Primigi for Change shoes have got some key elements that feature them:


  • Uppers in vegetable-tanned leather and/or sustainable materials.
  • Soles with a high content of recycled material or of vegetable origin
  • Linings in Chrome Free leather or sustainable material

  • Insoles in cork, Chrome Free leather or sustainable material.
  • Nickel free metal accessories.
  • Laces made of recycled or natural materials.
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