An extraordinary adventure

For more than 40 years at the feet of millions of children.

Freedom and well-being on a child’s scale

Children grow, change, walk towards the future. For them, PRIMIGI devotes commitment and attention to the creation of quality, comfortable and safe products, protecting them and accompanying them in the "extraordinary adventure of growth".


PRIMIGI has always studied in depth the specific needs of each age to offer children the best solutions. In our world, every parent can find many solutions designed in detail to ensure comfort, lightness, breathability and resistance.

special like children

Our history
step by step

An extraordinary adventure that has lasted since 1976. Trace the most important milestones of our company.

  1. 1976

    A mission with deep roots

    PRIMIGI made its debut in 1976, bringing to the Italian market the first steps of quality, technologically advanced. The proposals are immediately appreciated, especially for the shapes carefully studied and calibrated to the needs of the small feet. The main objective of PRIMIGI is to promote healthy growth according to innovative criteria for the sector. Within a few years, the brand became the leader of the Italian market and spread over to the main foreign markets.

  2. 2001

    The technological momentum knows no rest

    Primigi is acquired by IMAC S.p.A., a company in the footwear district of the Marche, already a leader in the production of footwear for men, women and children. The entry into the Imac Group gives the brand a strong technological footprint and the PRIMIGI shoes, thanks to the use of the direct injection on the upper" technology of the polyurethane bottom, become super light and even more comfortable.

  3. 2004

    Innovative with GORE-TEX

    PRIMIGI chooses to collaborate with GORE-TEX with the idea of creating footwear adapted to climates around the world. The PRIMIGI lines manufactured with GORE-TEX membrane give great added value to children's shoes, offering very high waterproof and transirability performance in all weather conditions. The delicate feet of the little ones can now always remain dry and protected from cold and heat.

  4. 2007

    From head to toe - the Primigi Store project was born

    A brand new format, able to offer parents, in addition to shoes, a wide assortment of clothes, accessories and underwear to dress from head to toe" children from 0 to 14 years old. The proposed collections are designed to meet different needs and age groups, always putting quality, attention to detail and style. The success of the Primigi Store was immediate and the growth fast and constant, to the point of replicating the format abroad.

  5. 2008

    Primigi System a guarantee of quality

    PRIMIGI launches a new program with the aim of fixing and iconizing the essential contents of the performance of its footwear. This is how the PRIMIGI SYSTEM was born, which over the years has been progressively enriched with new elements, combining experience and innovation.

  6. 2011

    1° Primigi Store abroad

    The francization project is asserting itself outside the Italian territory with the opening of the 1st Primigi Store abroad. Bratislava kicks off a series of openings across Europe and beyond.

  7. 2013

    300th Primigi Store in Italy

    Just over six years after the launch of the new franchise project, the 300th Primigi store in Italy was inaugurated in March 2013.

  8. 2019

    PRIMIGI takes to the track with MICHELIN®

    PRIMIGI begins a collaboration with the world's largest tire manufacturer, with the aim of transferring some of Michelin's unparalleled know-how into the world of children's footwear. The result is products that perform well in terms of adhesion, traction, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

  9. 2021

    Act well today to live better tomorrow.

    The I.S.P. (IMAC Sustainability Program) describes the Group's conduct and initiatives in the field of sustainable development and also finds its place in the clothing and footwear collections. The PRIMIGI FOR CHANGE project was born, where certified materials, natural or recycled, combined with processes with reduced environmental impact, become the real protagonists. Operating in a progressively more sustainable way is an increasingly necessary and irreversible cultural process.

Brand values

The strength of the brand:

Innovative and quality products made with care and love



More than 40 years of exclusive attention to the world of children and the needs of the different stages of growth.



Rigorous selection of natural and/or technologically advanced materials.



Primigi avails itself of trained and attentive collaborators who always propose appropriate solutions for the well-being of children.



Primigi's present has strong roots in the craftsmanship of the past, preserving the care and attention to detail that only an artisanal method can guarantee.



Constant investments in research and development, new production techniques, innovative materials and construction solutions aimed at improving quality, allow PRIMIGI to create high-performance products.


Stylistic research

A design that is never an end in itself, capable of satisfying the tastes of children, young people and their parents.



Since 1976, the brand has been able to offer the most demanding customers, children, safe products, designed to guarantee maximum protection.



Clothing, shoes, accessories, many different products carefully designed to meet the needs of younger generations.



PRIMIGI, for more than 20 years, has been a premium partner of GORE-TEX in the production of waterproof and breathable footwear, adapted to climates around the world. Since 2019, PRIMIGI has been collaborating with MICHELIN, the world's largest tire manufacturer, for the design and production of high-performance natural rubber footwear.

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