Reda Retail Spa, company subjected to IMAC Spa direction and coordination, with legal and administrative headquarters in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP), Via Menocchia n. 27, VAT 01910800448, can provide to interested customers discounts, advantages and services at “Primigi” and “Igi&Co” Stores.

In order to get these advantages, the clients must own a “Fidelity Card”, whose release and use are regulated by the following conditions (“Regulation”) that the recipient customer must read carefully.
The activation of the “Fidelity card” implies the acceptance by client of this Regulation, as referred to the procedure stated at point 5 below.
Reda Retail Spa reserves the right to periodically modify, even partially, these conditions, and the related changes will come into force after 15 (fifteen) consecutive days from their publication on the company websites (www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it).

In the event that the "Recipient Customer" does not accept the changes made, it will have the right to cancel its registration from the program; it is understood that this right can be exercised at any time as specified below.
The use of the "Fidelity Card", after the entry into force of the changes, implies, however, the acceptance, for conclusive facts, of the changes made.

Reda Retail Spa also reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the present "Loyalty Program” at any time, without the Customer having anything to complain about (except for the rights participants have acquired up to that moment). by giving notice on their websites www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it and/or at Stores. This Regulation is always available for consultation at http://www.primigi.it/it/primigi-cards/fidelity-card.html and http://www.igieco.it/it/igi-co-card/fidelity-card.html

  1. Promoter.

Reda Retail Spa, company subjected to IMAC Spa direction and coordination, with legal and administrative headquarters in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP), Via Menocchia n. 27, VAT 01910800448.

  1. Participants.

All the "Primigi Store" and "Igi & Co Store" stores displaying the relative advertising and informative material. A Store List is available on the websites (www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it).

  1. Type – Name – Purpose of the initiative – Duration.

This is a promotional initiative consisting of a loyalty program based on points collected on a card called "Fidelity Card" that gives to the holder many exclusive advantages.
The purpose of this initiative is to acquire Customers through a loyalty program that guarantees the “Fidelity card” holders many advantages.
Except for what stated at the Introduction, at point 6 (“Instructions”) and 9 (“Termination of the program – Card cancelation – Various”) the “Fidelity card” is not subject to expiry.

  1. Beneficiaries.

Adult holders of the “Fidelity Card” according to the following registration procedure and instructions.

  1. Registration Procedure.

The "transferable" Fidelity Card will be issued to the Customer directly from the store.

The Customer has to enable the above-mentioned card by signing up to the Loyalty Program on the websites www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it.

The "transferable" card can immediately be used by associating it with a purchase, but this purchase will be considered valid for the crediting of the points only when the card is "activated": the registration date will be the one of the first purchase.

The registration systems will prevent the enrollment to the program to minors.

The activation takes place in compliance with the privacy policy.

The "Fidelity Card" is personal and non-transferable and each Customer cannot activate more than one card during its validity course.

The "Fidelity Card" is for private and non-commercial use only.

In case of loss of the Fidelity Card, the Customer can contact the staff of their trusted store where, after checking the accuracy of the data in the system, will receive confirmation that, for all future purchases, the points will be attributed by doing a search by name and surname until he/she reaches the points to issue the voucher. After that, the customer can subscribe a new Fidelity Card.
This procedure will allow the customer not to lose the points on the lost fidelity card.

The Customer may freely request at any time to be canceled from the loyalty program by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. Instructions.

The "Fidelity Card" will give the customer the opportunity to accumulate points on purchases.
Depending on the level reached, the customer will get a voucher according to the following scheme:

50 points = € 20 Voucher

100 points = € 50 Voucher

200 points = € 120 Voucher

300 points = € 210 Voucher

400 points = € 320 Voucher

500 points = € 450 Voucher

The points collection is valid for 1 year, starting from the first purchase done at the moment of the subscription of the card.

  1. Points acquisition.

The Fidelity points will be automatically uploaded to the "Fidelity Card" for each purchase in one of the “Primigi Store" and "Igi & Co Store": 1 point each € 10 of purchase (the amount will be rounded down: i.e.    € 10.99 = 1 point).

The points accumulation is separated for each store, but the deadline is only one.

For example, if the Customer has subscribed the card and made the first purchase on October 1, 2016, his/her point collection will expire on October 1t,2017. The points left will be cancelled on October 2, 2017.
If the Customer is used to purchasing in different stores, the point collection will stay separate, but the deadline will be only one. For example, if he/she subscribed the card in the Primigi Store “A” on October 1, 2016 and after that date, he/she shopped also at Primigi Store “B”, the two point collections (store “A” and “B”) will expire on October 1, 2017, because what is taken into consideration is the date of the first absolute purchase.
In order to get the points, the Customer must identify himself/herself by showing the “Fidelity Card” or giving the Surname/Name used to activate the card.

The failed identification will not allow the points to be loaded, nor in that moment neither afterwards.
The Customer can know his/her points balance through the receipt or by asking for it at the Store.
The points will be loaded and accounted for by the system with each purchase; in case of technical problems, they can be loaded within 15 days from the date of the purchase.
The returns will cause the deduction of the points, following the same procedure of the loading.
The issue of "Gift Card" will credit points on the Fidelity card of the “Gift Card” buyer. Subsequent purchases paid partly / totally with "Gift Card" from the holder of the same will not generate any credit points for the value part of the receipt paid with a "Gift Card".

The “Fidelity Card” is not a credit card, the points in it accumulated cannot be transferred neither converted in money or in products.

  1. Advantages.

The “Fidelity card” holders will benefit from numerous discounts, promotions, and special dedicated initiatives, which will be properly advertised and communicated from time to time.

The Customers can benefit from these advantages only by showing their Fidelity cards.

  1. Termination of the program – Card cancellation – Various.

Reda Retail Spa reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt at any time and to own discretion the loyalty program and the related services.
Such modifications, suspensions or interruptions will be communicated through a notice published on the website www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it and in every store.

Without prejudice to any other right provided for by law, including the right to compensation for damages, Reda Retail Spa may revoke the right of the Customer to use the "Fidelity Card" and disable it if used in violation of the conditions set out in this Regulation or in case of unauthorized or damaging use of the image and the "Primigi" and "Igi&Co" brands.

In case of revocation and deactivation, the Customer will no longer benefit from the "Fidelity Card" advantages and services.
Reda Retail Spa is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, connected to any malfunctions of the Loyalty program that are not dependent on their own will.
Reda Retail Spa is not responsible for fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Card

  1. Processing of Personal Information.

In order to activate the “Fidelity Card” is necessary to provide some personal data, as specified on the Privacy Policy included in the Form the customers have to fill-in during the registration process.
During the subscription process the customer is committed to provide only true, correct and updated data.

The personal data provided by the Customer to adhere to the "Fidelity Card" program will be processed according to the Privacy Policy provided to the Customer during the subscription of the "Fidelity Card" in accordance with the legislation on the protection of the personal data available on the websites www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it.

  1. Contacts.

For any other information about the “Fidelity Card” program, the Customer may consult the websites www.primigi.it and www.igieco.it,  or address to any “Primigi Store” and “Igi&Co store”.

I confirm that I have read the above-mentioned Regulations and Terms, understand the contents and accept all that therein.





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