Primigi with GORE-TEX technologyA very innovative step forward: PRIMIGI with a GORE-TEX membrane


The new PRIMIGI GORE-TEX footwear lines have been conceived for children who are constantly on the go and are suitable for the widest range of weather conditions.
PRIMIGI GORE-TEX shoes will always keep your child's feet dry and protected because they breathe and are waterproof.
They are high-performance shoes with the added style and fashion so typical of PRIMIGI.
All of the benefits of a GORE-TEX membrane, combined with a special construction technique and rigorous quality standards, contribute to creating a unique product in terms of foot health, in any weather condition.


The secret lies in the microporous structure of the GORE-TEX membrane that has approximately 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter. These tiny pores – 20,000 times smaller than the smallest drop of water – prevent water from seeping into the shoe.
In addition, waterproof performance is guaranteed by the entire Gore ‘System' which, besides the membrane, also requires other specific components for compliance with the construction standards. This holds for the fabric, the linings and the leathers as well as for the construction techniques themselves, required to meet severe parameters and constantly subject to testing.


The GORE-TEX membrane is also highly breathable. The pores in the membrane are 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour, letting sweat escape. In fact, while the holes in the membrane are much smaller than any drop of water (and thus water cannot enter the shoe from the outside), they are, at the same time, much larger than any molecule of vapour or moisture that could form on the inside through normal sweating of the feet.
With the GORE-TEX membrane, moisture is eliminated quickly, even during intense physical activity, to ensure the best thermal conditions for total foot comfort.


PRIMIGI shoes with GORE-TEXfor autumn winter

The collection is very broad and ranges from shoes for toddlers all the way to the larger sizes.
Closing in the front with velcro or laces, the shoes are made of soft leathers adorned with trims and reinforced at all the right points.
There are boots with good treads for safe, comfortable outdoor use, or elegant, clean-cut boots for girls made of soft suede with internal zipper for simple, convenient closure. Whatever the style, all are engineered to ensure utmost protection against the rigors of the winter season

PRIMIGI shoes with PRIMIGI GORE-TEX deliver a special combination of total breathability and waterproofness, keeping feet dry and protected against the cold and overheating with extraordinary health benefits.

Thanks to the microscopinc pores of the GORE-TEX membrane, rain and water are not able to penetrate while excess heat and sweat escape easily.

- For daily use and moderate winter temperatures, GORE-TEX PERFORMANCE COMFORT shoes ensure breathability and waterproof throughout the day, keeping your feet pleasantly dry and cool.

- In the event of low temperatures and outdoor winter activities, GORE-TEX INSULATED COMFORT shoes, besides guaranteeing waterproofing and breathability over time, perfectly protect the foot keeping it dry and cool.


PRIMIGI GORE-TEX shoes made with the new
SURROUND™ technologyfor the Spring, Autumn and Summer season 

Thanks to the PRIMIGI GORE-TEX shoes made with the new SURROUND™ technology, the feet are always dry and comfortably fresh.
Rain and water cannot pass through the micro-holes of the GORE-TEX-membrane, but the heat and sweat in excess are coming-out through the upper and through the special features of the outsole, having large holes on it.
The perfect shoes to wear outside as well as inside also with high temperatures.
From the garden to the living-room, after the school or in the park thePRIMIGI GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ technology are ready to face each situation, when the sun shines as well as when it rains.

PRIMIGI shoes having the new GORE-TEX SURROUND™ technology are breathable and waterproof for long time.



Taking good care of your GORE-TEX footwear is easy. We'll show you tips on cleaning your GORE-TEX footwear properly. Be sure to carefully follow the footwear manufacturer’s instructions too.

Things You'll Need
Cloth or brush • Lukewarm water • Boot drier (optional) • Stain remover (optional) • Water Repellent Treatment (optional)

Remove the laces, then shake out sand, gravel, and dirt from inside the footwear.
If possible, remove and shake out the foot bed or insole.
Brush off loose dirt with a sponge or brush.
Then use lukewarm water with a small amount of liquid detergent.
For leather shoes, check manufacturer's instructions.
Don't use bleach.
Don't wash in the washing machine

Dry naturally at moderate temperatures. Avoid direct heat.
Don't let the footwear stay wet too long.
Convection-style boot dryers work well.
Gli asciugatori a convezione per le calzature possono essere usati con buoni risultati.

Once water no longer beads and runs off, re-apply a durable water repellent (DWR).
Use a water-based restorative, available as a pump-spray.
Don't use waterproofing waxes or greases, as they can affect your footwear's breathability.

Whether it’s mud, oil, or something more mysterious, follow the footwear manufacturer's instructions to remove stains. Only use recommended products. We don't recommend using stain removers - only liquid detergents.

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