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5 tips to know if the shoes size is correct.

With the arrival of the warmest season your baby's feet need to move in total freedom, without any constraints.

It is essential, therefore, to replace the sneakers in leather or the winter boots with lighter shoes as sneakers in canvas, slip-on shoes and sandals. Each Primigi style is designed to best suit the shape of the foot, the season and the age of the child. The right choice will determine the success of fantastic runnings in plein air, amusing explorations and lots of extraordinary adventures.

How to check if the number of the shoes is correct?

Just follow these few tips: 

1 Make sure the heel is against the back part of the shoe.

2 Keep the sole of the foot very relaxed.

3 Press down lightly at the big toe to check whether there is approximately 1 centimetre between the toes and the toe end of the shoe.

4 If your child is very young, open the shoe up as much as possible and push the foot forward as far as possible.

5 If you can insert a finger into the space that remains between the heel and the inner back part of the shoe it is the right size.

Remember to try both the right and left shoes, because often children’s feet are slightly different from one another. 

Don’t you know the size? PRIMIGI helps you to select the correct one.

Please watch the video or download the sizes conversion chart.


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