Join the primigi world with the Fidelity Card

The card that rewards your loyalty

Find out the advantages


Exclusive promotions

Participate in PROMOTIONS meant exclusively for Primigi Fidelity Cards holders.


Operation wardrobe

For every €10 spent you accumulate 1 point on your fidelity card. The more points you accumulate, the higher the amount of the vouchers.


A preview on every news

Receive all the news about Primigi Stores ongoing promotions and about every important initiative of the Primigi World via text messages or e-mail before anyone else.

Operation wardrobe

Points conversion table

Points Voucher
50 20 €
100 50 €
200 120 €
300 210 €
400 320 €
500 450 €

Fidelity Card Activation

By activating the Fidelity Card you will immediately start your points collection and participate in the ongoing promotions.

1 - REQUEST the Fidelity Card

You can request the Fidelity Card from the staff of your Primigi Store or by connecting to the site.

2 - Activate the Fidelity Card

Start collecting points now and participate in the ongoing promos.
Register in the My Primigi - Login/Register section of the site.

The Primigi Fidelity Card is free and available online.

Fidelity Card FAQs

How can we help you?

In the FAQ section you can find the answer to your questions faster.

What is the Primigi Fidelity Card?

The Primigi Fidelity Card is a free electronic card that grants the two following advantages:

  • the collection of points for the Operation Wardrobe, from which the customer can obtain vouchers
  • the participation in PROMOTIONS and exclusive advantages meant for Fidelity card holders only.
How can I get the Fidelity Card?

You can request the Primigi Fidelity Card free of charge in all Primigi Store single-brand stores or on our website in the My Primigi - Register section. After registering with your data you will receive on your email the code of your fidelity card and you can immediately take advantage of discounts and promotions.

  • 50 points = 20 € voucher
  • 100 points = 50 € voucher
  • 200 points = 120 € voucher
  • 300 points = 210 € voucher
  • 400 points = 320 € voucher
  • 500 points = 450 € voucher
How can I check the points balance of my Fidelity Card?

You can check the points balance by looking at the bottom of the receipt, by asking for it to the staff of the Primigi Store that issued the Fidelity Card or by logging into your account.

When my points collection will expire?

The points collection will expire on December 31 of each year.

After each purchase, you can check for your points balance and expiry date at the bottom of the receipt.

Is the Primigi Fidelity card valid in every Primigi Store?

The fidelity card can be used in the Primigi Store and on our website.

Can the points collected in different Primigi Stores be accumulated?

No they are not cumulative. The points accrued with purchases made in stores and on the ecommerce site do not add up and remain separate points upstream. The points also accumulated in different Primigi Store also do not add up and remain separate points upstream.

Can the Operation Wardrobe vouchers be accumulated or used together with other vouchers or promotions?

No, they cannot. Vouchers obtained with the Operation Wardrobe cannot be accumulated, or used together with other promotions. They cannot be divided into different purchases, but used one time only. No change will be given to the customer in case of a difference between the value of the Voucher and the total value of the purchase. Vouchers cannot be converted into cash.

Can I use the Operation Wardrobe Voucher to buy Items on Sales?

No, vouchers cannot be used to buy items on Sales or included in any other promotion.

Can I use the Operation Wardrobe Voucher to buy Items on Sales?

No, vouchers cannot be used to buy items on Sales or included in any other promotion.

How much time do I have to spend my Operation Wardrobe voucher?

The voucher will be valid for 6 months from the issuing date.

Can I use the Operation Wardrobe voucher in every Primigi Store?

No, you cannot. The voucher can be used only in the Primigi Store that issued it, because the points accumulation is separated for each Primigi Store.

Can I spend the voucher of the Wardrobe Operation obtained with the points accumulated on the ecommerce site also in the store or vice versa?

No, the voucher can only be spent in the store where you have accumulated the points to get it. Vouchers obtained with purchases made on our ecommerce site can only be spent on the site.

Can I give my Fidelity card to someone else?

No, you cannot. The Fidelity Card is personal and cannot be given to anyone else.

Can I sum the points collected in two different Primigi Fidelity Cards?

No, you cannot. It is not possible to sum points accumulated in different cards, not even if the Cards belong to the same person or people of the same family unit.

How can I modify my personal data?

You can make this change by yourself and in a few seconds. Simply enter the My Primigi-Login section of this site, enter your email and password and select Account Information from the menu on the right. Change and save your data again.

How can I get information about Primigi Stores ongoing promotions?

At the end of the registration process you can give your consent to receive updates on ongoing promotions on your email address or on your mobile phone.

Besides, in our Primigi Stores you will always find information about active promotions.

Why am I not receiving news on ongoing promotions via email or text message?

If you do not receive our communications, you may have misspelled your email, mobile phone number or still not given consent to receive these messages. Access the My Primigi - Login section and verify that your data is correct.

What can I do if I have lost my Fidelity card?

If you have lost your fidelity card, you can request a new one at your trusted Primigi Store or online and after returning to your account replace the fidelity code. With this operation you will keep the accumulated points.

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