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For children around the world PRIMIGI offers Clothing, Shoes, Undergarments, and Accessories that satisfy the full range of needs up to 14 years of age, from the first months of life to school, during play and any type of activity, at home and outdoors, in any season.
Every collection is created with an attentive eye to fashion trends and designed for every occasion: sports, school, and free time.
PRIMIGI knows that every child is unique and that every age has its own special needs.

Growing up happily in all sizes.

With PRIMIGI – the children’s specialist – mums have nothing to worry about and kids are happy, from their very first steps to their schooldays.
Each season, there is a vast range of products for ages 0-14, with plenty of suggestions to choose from, in dressy, casual or classic styles, and always with a touch of originality... and heaps of trendy ideas for boys or girls.

» Nursery Collection

Clothing and Shoes 0-12 months
Great attention is given to the needs of an infant with a vast range of practical and chic solutions: from basic, simple baby clothes to elegant ones that keep comfort in mind.
Practicality and quality are skillfully combined with the aesthetic flair of PRIMIGI.
And for his or her little feet? Even if your little one doesn’t know how to walk, there are fun, high-quality shoes to protect his or her feet.

» Baby Collection

Shoes from size 18 to 24
Special care has been dedicated to the functional and technical aspects of the first shoes a baby wears. These shoes have the delicate task of giving the baby correct support, without restricting, as he or she learns to walk.

Clothing from 6 to 24 months old
PRIMIGI offers soft, comfortable and practical clothes made with high-quality materials, designed with children’s well-being in mind, especially during the first months of life.

» Kid Collection

Shoes from sizes 25 to 32
At this age children start to express their likes and dislikes. As well as to technical qualities, greater attention has been given to styling, with models that are as bright and lively as their young wearers.

Clothing from 2 to 6 years old
The Kids Collection offers functional, trendy, colourful and playful clothes that allow comfortable movement without constraints anywhere and with anyone: at home, nursery school, and with first friends.

» Junior Collection

Shoes from size 33 to 40
Girls rave about these fashionable styles while boys are keen on the casual models. PRIMIGI panders to their tastes but not without due attention to more practical aspects such as the problem of perspiration or long-lastingness.

Abbigliamento da 7 a 14 anni
Trendy collection designed for the oldest boys and girls by reinterpreting teenage fashions with Italian flair and style.