Imac spa wish to inform the visitors and users of the web sites and as well as the related subdomains – from here onwards referred to as the Site – about the policy adopted on the privacy protection for the site visitors.

The site surfing is free and doesn’t require any registration with the exception of some areas where the user can freely and clearly provide with some information on his own to access specifically selected services. Whether the user wish to provide with his own personal details to access these further services, he will be kept informed, according to article 13 of the Government Acr nr. 196/2003 (Code for the protection of personal details – from here onwards referred to as the Code), and told – for example – about the goals and procedures to use the details by IMAC SPA, as well as the right to ask for the cancellation or the update of the latter at any time.

According to and following to article 13 of the Government Act nr. 196/2003 (the Code), IMAC SPA provides with the following information.

1. The owner and person in charge of the personal detail processing
The owner of the personal detail processing is IMAC spa, with head office in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP), Via Menocchia, 27, CAP 63010 (herein referred to as IMAC), you can contact with even by writing to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The person in charge of the processing, as far as the site management is concerned, is the Global Internet Site Manager you can contact with by writing to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Types of processed personal details
To access the site is not necessary to register. However different sections in the site need a registration or the use of access usernames and keys.
Wherever IMAC acquire information and personal details, users will be known beforehand, according to article 13 of the Code, about the goals these information are required and the procedures are used. If necessary, IMAC will provide for the specific user’s approval in the corresponding use of information. For example, personal details could be required, such as name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and other information the user accepts to supply to use the site services upon filling a specific registration form in.
The information related to the connection and the surfing in the Site (as for example the Uniform Resource Identifier of the demanded resources, URI), the request timing, the procedure used to submit the request to the server, the file size after getting the answer, the numerical code showing the response status (fine, error, etc...) and other standards related to the user’s operative system and the computer environment are collected solely to get anonymous statistic figures about the use of the site and to control if they work well and then cancelled soon after their processing. Information could be used to check responsibilities in case of supposed computer crimes towards the site: if we exclude this possibility, information will be cancelled, once the time needed for the supply of the above-detailed services in the site, expires. Regarding the information about surfing in the site, please refer to Cookie Policy.

3. Not compulsory personal detail transmission
The transmission of personal details is not compulsory, generally speaking. Just in some cases, personal detail missing can involve the impossibility to access the specific services and get what eventually required (for instance, it is not necessary to proceed with the on-line purchase of services).

4. Personal detail process procedure and communication area terms
Information can be processed both on electronic support or on paper. IMAC grants ad-hoc processing of personal details provided through the site, and fully complies with the applicable legislation, as well as with the best confidentiality standards for the details provided along the registration. All the collected information are transferred on a protected connection basis to prevent unknown third parties from unauthorized interception. Information will not be disclosed or diffused to third parties but within the limits and according to the terms shown in the note provided to the user from time to time and also upon user’s previous approval.

5. Other site connection
The present note is provided solely for the site and not for other web sites the could possibly consult through links. IMAC cannon be hold responsible of personal details provided by the user to external subjects or to eventual other web sites even if accessible through the site or connected to the same.

6. Personal detail processing place
Data processing related to the services provided by the site are developed in IMAC headquarters as shown to clause 1 and executed by people in charge from marketing head-office, or even by eventual temporary people charged of maintenance works. A list of the latter in available, on demand, upon request to IMAC, at the above given clause 1 address.

7. Interested people rights
At any time the user can ask information about his personal detail processing and get updated information, rectification or implementation, as well as cancellation, change into anonymous or the block of the processed details upon law infringement and to oppose also the personal detail processing according to article 7 of the Government Act nr. 196/2003 – The Code – fully detailed below for your reference. To execute your rights please refer to the Owner of the data processing by sending a written communication to the already mentioned point 1 address.

8. Revision clause
IMAC spa may revise and/or change the present “Cookie Policy” at its complete discretion, by any means and at any time, without notice.

Article 7 – Government Act nr. 196 / 2003
(Personal detail access rights and other rights)

1. The concerned people are entitled to get confirmation of their personal details, even though not processed yet, and also to be clearly noticed.

2. The concerned people are entitled to obtain the following information:

  • personal detail source treatment goals and procedures;
  • method applied in case the treatment is conducted by electronic means;
  • owner, responsible or representative personal details as per article 5, paragraph 2;
  • subjects or category subjects whom personal details can be communicated to or can learn about them as representatives, responsibles or appointees within the national territory.

3. The people concerned are entitled to obtain:

  • the update, the adjustment or, if applied, the implementation of the personal details;
  • the cancellation, the change into anonymous or the stop of the treated details upon law infringement, included the ones whose records are not necessary according to the goals they were collected or treated for;
  • a document stating the operations, as per points a) and b), were disclosed, even regarding their contents, to the persons who knew or received the details, apart from the case where this fulfilment is meant to be impossible or asks for means to be obviously disproportionate in comparison with the protected right.

4. The concerned people can oppose, partially or fully:

  • their personal detail treatment for legitimate purpose, even if complying with the collection goals;
  • their personal detail treatment for the delivery of advertisement or direct sale materials or market surveys or any other business communication action.



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