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PRIMIGI ECO SHOES is the new 'environmentally friendly' shoe made with eco-friendly, non-polluting, recyclable materials, using processes with a reduced environmental impact. The ECO SHOES also contain no parts of animal origin, mostly using plant-based raw materials from crops not cultivated for food origin, that have been selected to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible.
Why PRIMIGI ECO SHOES are eco-friendly?
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  • Upper and lining: ultra-soft and resistant, they are made with PLANT-BASED RAW MATERIALS that are easy to dispose of and recyclable,  so they are completely biodegradable. These materials come from NON-FOOD crops, which, in other words, are not destined to become food.
  • Soles: they are a blend of materials with a high level of environmental compatibility produced using non-petroleum plant oils. They are extremely lightweight and flexible.
  • Water-based glues: the glues used in the production of ECO SHOES guarantee two advantages, both a lack of chemical solvents and energy savings. The processing with water-based glues, in fact, eliminates possible toxic fumes that would require ventilation systems with consequent electricity consumption and atmospheric pollution.
  • Laces: where present,  are 80% recycled cotton.
  • Metal accessories: like all PRIMIGI shoes also ECO SHOES are completely nickel-free, to make them hypoallergenic.
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