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Primigi Clothing AW collection 2017-18

Primigi’s Autumn-Winter collections for 2017-2018 are a mixture of colours and inspirations, from denim to lace: full steam ahead for fun and imagination!

From their earliest years, every child has the beginnings of their own style and personality: their own unique and wonderful little expressions, gestures, and attitudes. It is to these quirks, big and small, that the Primigi Baby, Kids, and Junior collections are dedicated. ‘Kid-friendly’ items of clothing, practical but special, each with its own personality, to find the perfect mix. Bold, charming looks for little boys; old style, seventies-inspired looks for lovely little ladies.


For autumn, the Baby Girl collection opens with the “Lollipop Culture” line, its ‘vintage school’ style inspired by little after-school parties. Tones of blue are paired with greys and splashes of bright greens, pinks, and reds, incorporating fleece, jersey, denim, and retro prints with eye-catching bursts of colour. The lively patterns of tiny polka dots and big hearts are both elegant and fun.

The autumn/winter season brings with it nature walks, thanks to the “A walk in the wood” line: mixtures of yellows, deep reds, greens, creams, greys, and beiges: warm colours, full-coverage floral patterns, cosy knit capes, and faux-fur vests.

For the truly elegant, the line “Breakfast at Tiffany” offers jacquard sweaters, soft chenille fabrics, colourful laces, and even some pieces adorned with twinkling sequins. The chic and glamour of the look is emphasised by the colours: ruby, teal green, gold, pink, and cream.


The “Back to school” theme for girls is a celebration of energy and practicality with rock- and urban-inspired styles in tones of grey, pink, and white. Over-sized trends, outerwear, and trousers available in a variety of different lengths for little music stars. School days are covered, with garments in comfy fleece and jersey. A real flashback to the 90’s with bold tones and highly colourful designs.

After school the fun starts, with the “Old school party” line: a riot of lively colours for comfortable clothes in denim, fleece, and jersey that take their cue from laughter and games with friends.

For glamourous little girls, there is no shortage of options in “Dream of gold”, with its soft lines, pleated tulle embellishments, and prints in contrasting colours: cherry, blue, pink, white, gold, and cream.

Finally, for the most fashionable occasions comes the new line “Wildlife passion”, with its irresistible 70’s-style flared jeans, flowers, sewn-on patches, and silver, perfect when paired with soft bouclé wool garments in neutral tones.


Primigi’s Baby Boy is designed for happy, feisty little boys, always ready to set out on thrilling adventures. The “Biker thrills” line dresses little bikers in vintage American 50’s- and 60’s-style outfits. Comfortable clothes with great attention to detail: plaid shirts, hoodies, and sweaters with prints and individual touches that make them unique. For vintage styles with a modern twist, we offer faux-leather jackets and items in denim. This line makes playful use of tones of red, mustard yellow, blue, off-white, and burgundy.

More winter fashions make up the “City explorer” line, inspired by street-style using comfortable, warm, and smart materials. Fleece-lined hoodies, rip stop cotton shirts with plush fabric sleeves, camouflage canvas pants, knitwork coupled with fleece and padded nylon with quilted pieces. This line puts the spotlight on icy blue, bright green, army green, milky white, blue, and flecked grey.

The “Vintage pilot” line contains more allusions to retro styles inspired by the fascinating old-school propeller planes of long ago and their heroic pilots. Chic clothing, with subtle, soft-focus prints, and the elegant colours of air force blue, burgundy, and various tones of grey.


Functional and contemporary are the keywords of the “Back to school” line, which re-imagines the city through a futuristic lens. The colours are bold: black, washed out turquoise, blue, off-white, and a range of greys to bring it all together. A wide range of fashionable designs: patterns in glossy rubber-print, 3D, and macros. For the return to school, the line provides a range of soft-washed hoodies, curved-fit pants, and knitted denim fabrics. A unique style that hints at a parallel world and an incredible futuristic atmosphere.

Primigi’s Kid Boy for autumn/winter marks a return to “easy rider” style adventures with “Garage riders”, as well as the hours spent with sleeves rolled up, getting to grips with tune-ups and customisations. Little bikers can wear red, mustard yellow, blue, off-white, and burgundy in mid-weight, full-print jackets, colour block t-shirts, and wash-effect ripped denim.

The urban jungle is the setting for the “Wildlife crew” line, with graphic designs that emphasise the importance of green spaces in the city and a love for wild animals, brought to life with curious expressions and fun accessories like colourful glasses. Bright green, icy blue, mustard yellow, blue, army green, milky white, and flecked grey create a playful urban jungle style. The jeans have fashionable wash effects, the jackets are detailed and have denim inserts. There are many little touches, like badges and leather zip pullers, baby corduroy shirts in plaid patterns, and dualist images that give life to unique and stylish t-shirts.

After school, we take to the skies with the “Aristo plane” line and its touch of elegance, attention to detail and unique finishing touches. The air force blue and burgundy colours mix with the range of greys in unusual patterns and textures. The selection of shirts is designed in classic Oxford cloth, with top quality stitching.




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